Ailish McElmeel: Producer IMDB Profile & Website

Ailish Bracken: Producer IMDB Profile

Áine Máire Ní Thaibhís: Script Supervisor IMDB Profile

Ali Joy White: Actor, Writer Profile

Amy Rowan: Casting Director Website

Andie Daniels: Contracts and Rights Management RTÉ

Anna Rodgers: Director, Producer IMDB Profile

Annie Doona: President IADT Dun Laoghaire, Chair IFB IMDB Profile

Aoife Maguire: Copy Clearance Administrator RTÉ

Aoife Nic Ardghail Actor, Writer

Aoife Noonan: Writer Bowsie Workshop

Aoife O’Neill: Production Coordinator IMDB Profile



Birthe Tonset: Broadcaster RTÉ



Caoimhe Doyle: Foley Artist RTÉ

Cara Holmes: Editor & Director IMDB Profile

Carla Mooney: Director, Producer IMDB Profile

Caroline Grace-Cassidy IMDB Profile

Caroline O’Meara: Writer IMDB Profile

Cherley Kane: Voiceover Artist IMDB Profile

Cian McCormack: Journalist RTÉ

Ciarín Scott: Director, Producer IMDB Profile

Claire J Loy: Actor Twitter

Clare McQuaid: Researcher RTÉ

Clare Stronge: Producer, Director IMDB Profile

Clelia Murphy: Actor IMDB Profile



Dara McClatchie: Owner Big Fish Productions IMDB Profile

Deirdre McMahon: TV Lawyer RTÉ

Delia Kilroy: Broadcast Journalist RTÉ

Denise Lavelle: Producer/Researcher

Dina Coughlan: Music Supervisor IMDB Profile



Eileen Walsh: Creative Producer IMDB Profile

Eimear Markey: Script Editor Profile

Eleanor McSherry: Lecturer, Writer LinkedIn

Elisabeth Gooch: Screenwriter

Emer Reynolds: Director, Editor IMDB Profile



Fiona Ashe: Director IMDB Profile

Fiona Egan: Production Planning Manager RTÉ



Gemma Doorly: Actor, Writer, Director IMDB Profile

Gemma O’Shaughnessy: Series Producer IMDB Profile

Geraldine Creed: Writer, Director IMDB Profile

Grace Berkery: Strategic Planning Manager RTÉ

Gretha Viana: Producer, Writer IMDB Profile



Hannah Quinn: Director, Assistant Director IMDB Profile



Imogen Murphy: Director IMDB Profile



Jacqueline Kerrin: Producer IMDB Profile

Jane McGrath: Actor IMDB Profile

Jeanette Rehnstrom: Company Director Website

Jennifer Davidson: Screenwriter LinkedIn

Jessica Gorman: Media Lawyer Company Website

Julie Ryan: Film & TV Producer IMDB Profile

Juliette Bonass: Producer IMDB Profile



Karla Healion: Production Co-Ordinator/Outreach Producer IMDB Profile

Kate Bowe: PR Website

Kate McCullough: Cinematographer IMDB Profile

Katherina Fay: Producer IMDB Profile

Kathleen Warner Yeates: Writer, Director, Actor IMDB Profile

Katie Holly: Producer, Managing Director IMDB Profile

Kathy Rose O’Brien: Actor IMDB Profile

Kelly Campbell: Actor, Writer, Director IMDB Profile



Laura Danaher IMDB Profile

Lauren MacKenzie: Screenwriter IMDB Profile

Leticia Agudo: Producer, Director Website

Libby McCormack: Documentary producer RTÉ

Lisa Dignam: Creative Audio Director RTÉ

Lisa Mulcahy: Director IMDB Profile

Lisa Vandegrift Davala: Director, Producer Website

Lorraine Geoghegan: Producer Website

Lorna Fitzsimons: Photographer, Director

Louise Ní Fhiannachta: Director, Writer IMDB Profile

Louise Mathews: Art Director, Production Designer IMDB Profile

Lynne Cahill: Screenwriter, Director



Maeve McGrath: Actor, Producer, Writer IMDB Profile

Maggie Breathnach: Producer, Director Website

Maura Fay: Researcher RTÉ

Marian Quinn: Writer, Director, Actor IMDB Profile

Marie-Valerie Jeantelot: Filmmaker, Artist IMDB Profile & Website

Mary Alleguen: Line Producer IMDB Profile

Martina Niland: Producer IMDB Profile

Max Brady: Executive Producer Company Website

Michelle McCormack: Sound Editor IMDB Profile



Natasa Paulberg: Composer Website

Niamh Heery: Director IMDB Profile

Niamh Sweeney: TV Operations Co-Ordinator RTÉ

Nodlag Houlihan: Producer IMDB Profile

Nuala Carey: Broadcaster RTÉ

Nuala Cunningham: Producer Company Website



Oonagh Kearney: Writer, Director IMDB Profile






Roisin Geraghty: Festival Manager Twitter

Rachel Healy: Producer, Researcher LinkedIn

Roisin Henehan: Film&TV Tax Consultant

Roisin Kearney: Writer, Producer IMDB Profile

Roisin O Donovan: Actor IMDB Profile

Rose Ugoalah: Writer Twitter



Sheena Madden: Press Officer and Journalist RTÉ

Siobhan Maher: Office Administrator IFTA

Sinéad Egan: Radio Producer RTÉ

Sinéad Murphy: Studio Producer RTÉ

Sinéad Walsh: Producer/Director Profile

Susan Morrall: Screenwriter, Director IMDB



Tatjana Moller: Writer, Filmmaker IMDB Profile

Thyrza Ging: Casting Director IMDB Profile



Una Kavanagh: Actor IMDB Profile



Vicky Moran: Research Assistant RTÉ





Yvonne Judge: Editor, Producer RTÉ

Yvonne Nolan: Series Producer LinkedIn



Zlata Filipovic: Producer, Production Manager IMDB Profile