Aedín Clinton: PA to Chief Financial Officer at RTÉ

Aideen Burke: Media and IP Lawyer

Aideen McCarthy: Script Editor / Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Aimee Levey: Writer / Actor / Salesperson

Áine Ní Chaoindealbháin: Director of Operations Virgin Media Television

Áine O Neill: TV Producer LinkedIn Profile

Áine Ryan: Writer / Actor / Producer Website

Ailish McElmeel: Producer IMDB Profile & Deadpan Pictures

Ailish Bracken: Producer IMDB Profile

Aisling O’Halloran: Marketing Assistant / Producer

Aisling Lenihan: Film Theatre Marketing Executive

Aislinn Ní Uallacháin: Head of Casting LinkedIn Profile

Ali Joy White: Actor / Writer Profile

Ally Ni Chiarain: Actor IMDB Profile

Amy-Joyce Hastings: Actor / Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Amy Potter: Actor / Writer IMDB Profile

Amy Rowan: Casting Director Rowan Casting

Amy O’Sullivan: Cinematographer / Visual Artist Vimeo

Ann Lavan: Academic / Writer

Anna Mannion: Producer IMDB Profile

Anna Nugent: Actor Website

Annie Doona: Education Consultant / Accredited National and International Higher Education Quality Reviewer IMDB Profile

Anniina Kankaansivu: Junior Producer / Script Editor

Annika Cassidy: Director

Ann Marie Hourihane: Writer / Journalist

AnneMarie Naughton: Producer Park Films

Annemarie Staunton: Researcher RTÉ

Anne Marie Kelly: Filmmaker / Singer / Psychotherapist Website

Anne Roper: Producer / Director / Documentary Maker / Executive Producer / Journalist

Aoife Anderson: Youth Film Facilitator

Aoife Derwin: Producer

Aoife McArdle: Writer / Director Website

Aoife McBennett: Media Lawyer

Aoife Noonan: Special Effects Artist / Writer IMDB Profile

Aoise Tutty Jackson: Director / Filmmaker Website



Barbara Healy: Producer IMDB Profile

Bairbre Quinn: Production Accountant IMDB Profile

Bebhinn Naughton: Visual Effects Coordinator IMDB Profile

Bernadette Rowe: Writer / Director / Editor IMDB Profile

Beta Bajgart: Photographer

Birthe Tonset: TV Producer / Director RTÉ

Bonnie Dempsey: Director / Producer / Documentary Cameraperson LinkedIn Profile

Brenda Morrissey: Offline Editor Website

Brid Cannon: Broadcaster

Bronagh McAuley: Intimacy Coordinator



Caoimhe Doyle: Foley Artist RTÉ

Carla Mooney: Producer / Actor IMDB Profile

Caroline Dalton: Researcher RTÉ

Caroline O’Meara: Development Executive

Carrie Crowley: Actor IMDB Profile

Cass Warner: Producer / Director / Writer / Founder of Warner Sisters Inc. IMDB Profile

Cat Mangan: Art Director / Producer IMDB Profile

Catherine Lyons: Producer Website

Catherine Maher: Writer (TV & Film/The Write Stuff Productions)

Cathy Dunne: Filmmaker

Charleigh Bailey: Actor

Cherley Kane: Voiceover Artist IMDB Profile

Chriona O’Sullivan: Post-Production

Christina McMahon: Actress / Comedian / Writer / Creative Executive Producer at Helena Walsh Empowerment Studios IMDB Profile

Cian McCormack: Journalist RTÉ

Ciara McIlraith: Assistant Director IMDB Profile

Ciarín Scott: Director / Producer IMDB Profile

Claire Byrne: Director

Claire Cassidy: Assistant Director IMDB Profile

Claire Dix: Director  Website

Claire Dunlop: Film Distributor

Claire J. Loy: Actor

Clare Keogh: Screenwriter / Script Reader & Editor IMDB Profile

Clare McQuaid: Researcher RTÉ

Connie Doona: Actor IMDB Profile


Dara McClatchie: Producer IMDB Profile

Dara McGrath: Business Affairs Executive

Dawn Mac Allister: Producer / Production Coordinator IMDB Profile

Deborah Grimes: Writer

Deborah Harris-Balling: Writer / Producer IMDB Profile

Deborah Henry: Writer Website

Deirdre Barry: Producer Salty Dog Pictures

Deirdre De Grae: Producer / Educator LinkedIn Profile

Deirdre Levins: Production Executive / Producer IMDB Profile

Deirdre Mullins: TV Producer LinkedIn Profile

Deirdre Mulrooney: Producer / Director / Writer IMDB Profile

Denise Deegan: Writer Website

Denise Lavelle: Producer / Researcher

Dina Coughlan: Music Supervisor Planet of Sound

Doireann de Buitlear: Producer

Doreen Kennedy: Director / Photographer / Designer Website

Dorothy Grace Laity: Actor Website

Dympna Clerkin: Production Co-ordinator RTÉ


Eavan Aiken: Editor IMDB Profile

Edel O’Brien: Director

Eileen Walsh: Creative Producer IMDB Profile

Eilis Abbott: Producer / Screenwriter

Eilis Boland: Head of Production Resources Television RTÉ

Eimear Markey: Script Editor Profile Screen Training Ireland

Elaine Gill: Film Tax and Financial Advisor

Elaine Murphy: Writer / Actor Spotlight

Eleanor McSherry: Scriptwriter/ Producer / Arts Advocate/ Film Critic IMDB Profile

Elisabeth Gooch: Screenwriter

Emer O’Clery: Editor Website

Emer Reynolds: Director / Editor IMDB Profile

Emily O’Callaghan: Producer / Director

Emma Brennan: Filmmaker / Director IMDB Profile (Alias)

Emma Keane: Producer

Emma Owen: Producer Website & IMDB Profile

Emma Smith: Director IMDB Profile

Esme Pum McNamee: DOP / Camera IMDB Profile


Fiona Ashe: Director IMDB Profile

Fiona Clark: Producer and Chief Executive

Fiona Egan: Production Planning Manager RTÉ

Fiona Graham: Cinematographer / Focus Puller

Fiona Kinsella: Producer IMDB Profile


Gemma Doorly: Actor / Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Gemma Creagh: Writer / Filmmaker IMDB Profile

Geri Maye: TV Presenter

Grace Berkery: Strategic Planning Manager RTÉ

Grainne O’Carroll: TV Producer


Hannah Quinn: Director IMDB Profile

Hannah Lane: Production Designer Website

Hazel Hughes: News Director

Heather Browning: Development Executive

Helen Adams: Independent Celebrant / Screenwriter

Hilary Fennell: Producer / Director


Imelda O’Reilly: Writer / Director / Producer Website

Imogen Murphy: Director IMDB Profile

Isabel Perceval: Producer Director

Iseult Howlett: Editor Profile


Jan Hatton: TV Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Janet Hayes: Screenwriter

Jaro Waldeck: Director of Photography Profile

Jean McGrath: Foley Artist / ADR / Sound Mixer / Sound Editor IMDB Profile 

Jeanette Rehnstrom: Director / Music Supervisor Avant Music Port

Jennifer Davidson: Screenwriter IMDB Profile

Jennifer Meade: Actor / Writer IMDB Profile

Jenny Roche: AD / Producer / Director IMDB Profile

Jessica Bermingham: Producer IMDB Profile

Jessica Drum: CEO of Screen Guilds Ireland

Jo Halpin: Producer

Judith Williams: Costume Designer IMDB Profile


Kamila Dydyna: Director Website

Karen Twomey: Producer IMDB Profile

Karla Healion: Production Coordinator

Karielle Dieal: Associate Production Manager for 2D animation series at Sony Pictures Animation IMDB Profile & LinkedIn Profile

Kate Bowe: PR Kate Bowe PR

Katie McNeice: Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Katherine Foyle: Editor Official Website

Kathleen Warner Yeates: Writer / Director / Actor / Coach /Consultant IMDB Profile

Kathy Rose O’Brien: Actor / Voice Artist IMDB Profile

Katie Davies: Script Editor

Katie Holly: Producer / Managing Director IMDB Profile

Katie McNeice: Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Katie Murphy: Associate Producer IMDB Profile

Kelly Campbell: Actor / Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Kim Bartley: Director


Lara Campbell: Costume Designer IMDB Profile

Lara Hickey: Producer Website

Lara Stewart: Assistant Editor / Online Assistant

Laura Danaher: Production Manager IMDB Profile

Laura McGann: Director / Producer IMDB Profile 

Laura O’Shea: Actor / Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Leah Rossiter: Actor

Lesley Conroy: Actor & Creator IMDB Profile

Lesley McKimm: Former Producer / SI Project Manager

Leticia Agudo: Producer / Director Whackala

Lia Campbell: Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Libby McCormack: Documentary Producer RTÉ

Linda Curtin: Film & TV Coordinator, Screen Wexford & Freelance Shooter Director

Lindsay Jane Sedgwick: Writer / Creative consultant IMDB Profile Lindsay Jane Sedgwick

Lisa Dignam: Creative Audio Director RTÉ

Lisa Mulcahy: Director IMDB Profile

Lisa Vandegrift Davala: Director / Writer / Producer IMDB Profile

Liz Gill: Producer IMDB Profile

Liza Bolton: Writer / Director: IMDB Profile

Lizzy Beecham: Media Solicitor

Lorna Fitzsimons: Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Lorraine Geoghegan: Producer Hinterland Films

Lorraine Higgins: Production Coordination IMDB Profile

Lorraine O’Donovan: Producer / Director IMDB Profile

Louise Heaney: Composer IMDB Profile

Louise Kiely: Casting Director Website

Lynne Cahill: Screenwriter / Director


Maeve McGrath: Actor / Producer / Writer IMDB Profile

Maeve McQuillan: Screenwriter

Maeve Murphy: Writer / Director Website IMDB Profile

Mairead McIvor: Film Editor IMDB Profile

Maggie Breathnach: Producer / Director Red Shoe

Margaret Kane-Rowe: Writer / Director / Location Manager IMDB Profile

Marian Quinn: Writer / Director / Actor IMDB Profile

Maria Doyle Kennedy: Actor / Writer / Director

Maria Horan: Research Associate

Maria Kennedy: Filmmaker IMDB Profile

Dr. Maria O’Brien: Lecturer/ Film Festival Organiser Film Festival Site

Maria-Elena Doyle: Director IMDB Profile

Marie Clare Cushinan: Script Supervisor / Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Marie-Therese Garvey: Producer Website

Marie-Valerie Jeantelot: Director / Editor IMDB Profile & Marie Valerie Jeantelot

Marissa Aroy: Producer / Director Website

Martha Fitzgerald: Writer / Director Website

Martha O’Neill: Producer IMDB Profile 

Martina Durac: Director / Producer

Martina Mc Glynn: Producer / Director for TV, Film & Radio

Martina Niland: Producer IMDB Profile

Mary Flanagan: Financial Controller

Mary Fox: Costume Supervisor IMDB Profile

Mary Margaret Ryan: Creative Producer

Maura Fay: Researcher RTÉ

Maura Murphy: Post Production Supervisor IMDB Profile

Maureen O’Connell: Director / Actor / Editor / Producer

Max Brady: Executive Producer Pull The Trigger Films

Maya Derrington: Director / Producer

Megan K. Fox: Director Website

Melissa Collins: Filmmaker Website

Mercedes Garvey: Editor

Mia Mullarkey: Director Website

Michelle Fingleton: Sound Designer IMDB Profile

Michelle McCormack: Sound Editor IMDB Profile

Michelle O’Brien: Producer

Miriam Devitt: Screenwriter IMDB Profile

Mo O’Connell: Director / Actor / Editor / Producer


Nadège Dumont: Production Manager / Director IMDB Profile

Nathalie Clement: Actor IMDB Profile

Nessa Wrafter: Writer/ Director IMDB Profile

Niamh McCann: Actor

Niamh Sweeney: TV Operations Co-Ordinator RTÉ

Niall Murphy: Head of Business Affairs Treasure Entertainment IMDB Profile

Nicky Gogan: Producer / Director Still Films

Nicola Cassidy: Screenwriter Official Website

Nicola Long: Assistant Director / Assistant Producer IMDB Profile

Nicola Watkins: PR Consultant

Nodlag Houlihan: Producer IMDB Profile

Nora-Jane Noone: Actor/writer

Nuala Carey: Broadcaster RTÉ


Olga Wehrly: Actor IMDB Profile

Olivia Fitzsimons: Writer Website

Oonagh Kearney: Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Orla Clancy: Producer IMDB Profile

Orla Murphy: Writer / Director


Paula Greevy-Lee: Actor Spotlight Profile

Patricia Kelly: Writer / Director / Producer / Actor IMDB Profile



Rachel Walshe: Actor / Writer IMDB Profile

Rebecca Hickey: Actress / Writer IMDB Profile

Rebecca Walsh: Actor / Writer / Director / Producer

Roisin El Cherif: Director / VFX Co-ordinator / AD IMDB Profile

Roisin Geraghty: Festival Manager Twitter

Roisin Kearney: Writer / Director / Producer

Roisin Ni Chleirih: PR / Coach / Trainer / Broadcast Producer / Presenter

Roisin O’ Donovan: Actor & Intimacy Coordinator

Rose Ugoalah: Writer

Ruth Carter: Producer IMDB Profile

Ruth Coady: Producer IMDB Profile

Ruth Hunter: Partner – Entertainment Law Group


Saoirse McGarry: Production Assistant

Sarah Arnold: Media Lecturer NUIM

Sarah Caraher: Post Production-Head of Features&Programming IMDB Profile

Sarah Francis: Writer IMDB Profile

Sarah Lynch: Composer for Film and Visual Media Website

Sarah McCann: Producer / Director / Head of Creative Media Dundalk IT Little Road Productions

Sharon Lawless: Producer/Director

Sheena Madden: Press Officer & Journalist RTÉ

Sinéad Barry: Production Manager

Sinéad Egan: Radio Producer RTÉ

Sinéad O’Hanlon: Set Designer RTÉ

Sinéad O’Loughlin: Writer / Director IMDB Profile

Sinéad O’Riordan: Actor / Producer IMDB Profile & Website

Sinéad O’Shea: Writer / Director / Producer

Sinéad McCoole: Scriptwriter / Author / Broadcaster / Historian

Sinead McHugh: Chartered Accountant / Partner in Saffery Champness Ireland and Saffery Champness LLP

Sinéad Walsh: Producer / Director Profile SDGI

Siobhán Farrell: Film Distributor

Siobhain Kehoe: Producer Tiny Ark

Siobhán Maher: Office Administrator IFTA

Siobhan Ward: Producer IMDB profile

Sonya Mulligan: Director IMDB Profile

Sophie O’Donovan: Cinematographer Website

Sunniva O’Flynn: Head of Irish Film Programming IFI

Dr. Susan Liddy: Lecturer in Media Studies MIC


Tanya Sillem: Producer RTÉ

Tatiana Evonuk: Actor IMDB Profile

Tatjana Moller: Writer / Filmmaker IMDB Profile

Thyrza Ging: Casting Director IMDB Profile

Tricia Perrott: Post Production Supervisor IMDB Profile

Trisha Flood: Production Executive / Producer IMDB Profile


Una Kavanagh: Actor IMDB Profile


Vanessa Gildea: Writer / Director / Producer IMDB Profile Website

Vicky Moran: Researcher RTÉ

Vittoria Colonna: Writer / Director IMDB Profile



Yvonne Donohoe: Producer Blinder Films

Yvonne Nolan: Series Producer LinkedIn