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By 15 January 2024News & Events

We believe that change happens when we stand together. By supporting Women in Film and Television Ireland, you become an essential part of a movement dedicated to creating a more inclusive and empowering industry for all. Check your eligibility and join us as a Member! Keep up with all things WFT on social media! We are now live on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Twitter (X), Mastodon and Bluesky.  

We are grateful to our sponsors and corporate partners: Screen Ireland, Coimisiún Na Meán, TG4, Element Post, Egg VFX, Media Insurance and Windmill Lane.


Benefits of Joining Us

Educational Initiatives: WFT Ireland is committed to fostering a culture of learning and skill development. We regularly host in-person and online workshops, seminars, and training programs in various aspects of the filmmaking process – from writing and production to acting, cinematography, post-production. Our goal is to provide valuable insights and tools for individuals looking to thrive in the competitive world of film and television.

Celebrating Excellence: Our flagship annual Members Short Film Showcase is eligible to all WFT members and provides a platform for both emerging and established women’s voices in the industry. This event opens many doors for women in the Irish film and TV industry to seize the opportunities that will arise. Recognising excellence in various categories through the stunning awards given at the Showcase, we endeavour to help our members discover and expand their network in the Irish screen industries. 


What We Care About

Empowering Voices: WFT Ireland has played a pivotal role in amplifying the voices of women in the film and television industry. Through mentorship programmes and networking events, we’ve provided a platform for talented individuals to connect, collaborate, and succeed. 

Advocacy for Equality: We’ve been at the forefront of advocating for gender equality in the industry and at film festivals globally: Galway, Berlin, Cannes, London, Toronto. From lobbying for fair representation to addressing pay disparities, WFT Ireland continues to champion the rights of women in all facets of filmmaking and television production. WFT Ireland has increased its research brief and monitors progress on specific gender equality goals across the sector including but not limited to harassment and ageism. WFT Chair Dr. Susan Liddy officially started her presidency for WIFT International at the WIFTI Summit in Helsinki last year, extending her dedication for advocacy to an international platform.


How You Can Join

If you’re passionate about creating positive change in the film and television industry, join WFT Ireland today! Visit our website to become a member and stay updated on upcoming events. Email us at for any other queries. 


Buy Us A Coffee

Not eligible to be a member? You can still support the work of Women in Film and Television Ireland (WFT), on Buy Me A Coffee! Our organisation is dedicated to promoting greater representation of women on screen and behind the camera. We believe in creating a screen industry that is equitable, sustainable, and successful well into the future.