Travel Bursary for WFT Members

WFT Ireland is pleased to announce an opportunity for creative women who are members of WFT. Thanks to the generosity of WFT member Táine King, who has graciously donated her speaker fee, a modest travel bursary of EUR 110 is now available to support the professional endeavours of fellow WFT members. 

In line with Táine’s wishes, the travel bursary aims to empower and assist creative women within the WFT community by providing financial aid for their travel needs related to their projects, events, or career advancements. 

Eligibility and Application Details:

All female WFT members are invited to apply for the travel bursary by submitting the following documentation to by 15th August 2023:

  • A brief description (maximum 200 words) outlining the purpose and importance of the travel support, including the specific event, project, or opportunity it will facilitate.
  • A current Curriculum Vitae (CV) or biography highlighting relevant experience and accomplishments within the creative industries.

We will review the applications considering the potential impact of the bursary on the applicant’s career. Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible to ensure timely access to the funds.