WFT Member Maeve Stone’s Pilot Project in Sustainable Short Filmmaking

By 16 December 2023News & Events

In March 2023, WFT member Maeve Stone led a creative team in making a short film called “The Last Harvest”. The company were interested in matching the on screen themes with efforts behind the scenes to make the work as a pilot project in sustainable short filmmaking. The documentary was commissioned by Athrach and directed, produced and edited by Alex Gill. It charts the challenges and learning through the process and captures reflections from the heads of department across the team. The work was supported by Siobhan Mulcahy in Clare County Council Arts Office and Sheila Deegan in Creative Ireland. A carbon data report by carbon data analyst Ken Lyons was also commissioned and is available here.

Learn more about the fascinating project and watch the pilot on the website of Crackling Light Productions, the creative company of Maeve Stone & director Alex Gill.



Maeve Stone is a director / writer for film and theatre whose work responds to issues of climate breakdown, and revisits the canon with a feminist lens. Searching for endangered local knowledge to support a reframing of our understanding of systems, biodiversity and social justice.

She is Associate Artivist with Project Arts Centre working through 2022 on two projects which reimagine the narrative around climate by building unexpected networks and connections.