16mm Camera Workshop with Cynthia Harrig and Jaro Waldeck 

WFT is proud to announce a hands-on 16mm Camera Workshop for Directors of Photography, Camera Assistants and Loaders.

Supported by Screen Ireland and Windmill Lane, this two day workshop will take place on June 20th and 21st, 2024. The aim of the workshop is to introduce participants to working with 16mm cameras and film stock.

Taught by the lecturer of cinematic arts at DePaul University and Columbia College Chicago, Cynthia Harrig, and Jaro Waldeck, ACK, graduate of Columbia College Chicago and FAMU Prague who has benefited from Harrig’s tuition during her studies at Columbia College.

The participants will learn how to build, maintain, and utilise 16mm camera equipment, follow set protocols, apply industry standard processes to safely load/unload film-stock and prepare it for lab processing. They will also learn about the Zone System and how to correctly expose film material with the help of a light meter.

We are delighted that Windmill Lane have partnered up with WFT and the workshop will take place at their studios at 29 Herbert St, Dublin 2, D02 NH02, Ireland.


To apply for this bespoke workshop, you must work as a DOP or be a member of the camera department crew, and be a current member of WFT. Applications will close on May 24th and the chosen participants will be notified by May 31st. Please email your CVs to diana@wft.ie.



Cynthia Harrig has been Adjunct Faculty in the Cinema and Television Arts program at Columbia College Chicago since 1998. She is also the Advanced Cameras Coordinator in the Cinematography program, running an equipment rental and lab facility. She teaches a camera assisting course that covers all the key skills of camera assisting, film and digital camera technology, lenses and support. She has recently begun a position as Adjunct Faculty at DePaul University in Chicago, teaching an Advanced Cameras Technology course. She is experienced in the use of Arri film and digital camera systems, SONY, Canon and Red digital systems, Aaton Super-16, Bolex 16mm, and Panavision 35mm film cameras. She is an Educator Member of the Society of Camera Operators. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography and Directing from Columbia College Chicago.




Jaro Waldeck works as a Director of Photography in Ireland and Czech Republic. She earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Cinematography from Columbia College Chicago and Film and TV Academy of Performing Arts Prague (FAMU), respectively. In 2011, Jaro was invited to join the Czech Society of Cinematographers, and in 2023 she received a Screen Ireland bursary to attend a Masterclass at the American Society of Cinematographers in Los Angeles. She is an experienced user of 16mm and 35mm cameras and film stock.

Besides shooting, Jaro teaches cinematography in the 2nd and 3rd year at Griffith College Dublin, and gives lighting/camera masterclasses at Colaiste Dhulaigh Coolock and TU Dublin. She previously taught short filmmaking courses at Filmbase Dublin.

As former Vice Chair and current board member of Women in Film and TV Ireland (WFT), Jaro has been actively working to balance the gender representation in the Irish film industry, and has recorded numerous podcasts for WFT with award winning women who work as directors, cinematographers, editors, music composers and in other behind-the-camera roles.