Film Ireland Cover Art Exhibition – Episode 1: The Early Years (1987-1997)

Film Ireland Covers

Please join WFT Member Gemma Creagh, WFT Communications Coordinator Smrithika Majukar and the rest of the Film Ireland Team for a very special exhibition of Cover Art to celebrate the launch of the Film Ireland Digital Archive Project, in association with DBS School of Arts and the PARC24 research conference.

Follow the Film Ireland publication journey from its samizdat beginnings as Film Base News in 1987 through more than a quarter of a century in print form as Ireland’s leading film publication.

The Digital Archive Project aims to digitize the complete collection of 147 physical print issues of Film Ireland, covering more than 12,000 pages of fascinating and essential industry content. The resulting digital archive will then be made available on an OA (Open Access) basis to students, researchers and the general public under a Creative Commons agreement.

The unique and varied content created by many dedicated editors and contributors to Film Ireland over the period offers a unique lens through which we watch as an emerging film sector becomes the significant regional and global player we now know as the Irish Film Industry. By examining the early years of Film Ireland content, we can recognize the key formal concerns around funding, taxation, industry structure, training needs, EU relations and Foreign Direct Investment. We can also trace early concerns around the issues of representation, genre, gender, language, diversity and sustainability that we now consider central to the activity and output of Irish Film and Media.

The Film Ireland Digital Archive Project is an important conservation initiative. We look forward to seeing you at the event on 18th April and to celebrating the hugely significant contribution that Film Ireland has, and continues to make, to recording and preserving Irish cultural heritage.


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