Have Your Say: Respond to the Dignity at Work Survey 2023

By 6 September 2023Listen, News & Events

WFT Ireland and Screen Ireland have launched a survey exploring harmful behaviours in the screen industries with the aim of improving workplace culture. Respondents of all genders and across all fields are invited to contribute to this comprehensive survey aimed at gaining insights into the prevalence of harmful practices in the Irish screen industries. The purpose of this confidential research is to shed light on issues such as bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, humiliation, predatory behaviours, victimization, assault, and sexual assault within the industry. 

Take the survey here or you can also scan the QR code below for the survey.

The survey is open until 20th September 2023. Please share this with your network. 

The qualitative and quantitative industry report will be led by WFT Chair Dr. Susan Liddy. The researchers are Dr Susan Liddy and Dr Fergal Rhatigan. The researchers acknowledge the support of Olwen Dawe and Dr Ciara Murphy. The research aims to uncover the extent and frequency of harmful behaviours, as well as workers’ experiences in the screen industries. The investigation is driven by the urgent need to address concerns highlighted by the “Speak Up: a call for change” report, which underscored the prevalence of such behaviours within the wider Irish arts sector.

The research methodology will include surveys and data analysis. The survey will be open to all professionals working in the Irish screen industries, including freelancers, creatives, crew members, and other industry stakeholders. The insights gained from this research will provide a foundation for the development of targeted actions to address and mitigate harmful behaviours.

To ensure the research’s success, Women in Film and Television Ireland encourages all professionals within the Irish screen industries to actively participate in the survey which can be completed in just 15 minutes. The survey will provide valuable data for driving positive change and improving the overall workplace culture.

“By sharing your experiences, insights, and concerns, you are contributing to a brighter and safer future for everyone working in the screen industry. Your voice really does matter, and we encourage all screen workers to participate in this important survey,” said WFT Chair Dr. Susan Liddy.

About Women in Film and Television Ireland: (WFT) Women in Film and Television Ireland is a dynamic network of creative professionals working in the Irish screen industries. WFT is committed to advocating for gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the sector. Through initiatives like this survey, WFT aims to foster a safe and respectful environment for all individuals working in the Irish screen industries.

If anyone is experiencing any issues in the workplace. Please note SAFE TO CREATE is a Dignity at Work programme. Their aim is to impact change in the culture and practices of the arts and creative sectors in Ireland to provide safer working conditions for all workers. Their Report + Support anonymous reporting tool is available here.