Register for WFT Member Beta Bajgart’s Doc Screening

Beta Doc

Register now for a screening of Not My Bag, a documentary created by WFT Member Beta Bajgart as well as Olga Tiernan that examines the individual responsibility we all face within this climate crisis. This short documentary follows the journey of these two women, Beta and Olga who meet in their Crumlin neighbourhood during regular Saturday morning litter-picks.

About this Film

Despite being located in one of the more prosperous countries in Europe, Crumlin in South County Dublin, is an area struggling to solve the issues of littering and dumping. A car orientated suburb, it lacks the general amenities, including stores and food markets, that would allow residents to make alternative choices. The documentary narrators confront the dominant concepts of individual responsibility, and recycling, as the most effective contributions for tackling the climate crisis. However, citizens don’t always have the resources
they need to make the changes they want, nor can they avoid or recycle their way out of the accumulation of single use plastic and packaging.

  • WHERE: Crumlin College of Further Education, Crumlin Road, Dublin 12.
  • WHEN: 7pm to 10pm | March 30th
  • TIME: Doors 7pm, Showing 7.30 sharp. Running time approx 30mins.
  • Followed by panel discussion and light refreshments.

Register now at WWW.NOTMYBAG.IE