Watch WFT Chair on WANDA Job Sharing Panel


As part of their annual event, WANDA held an online conversation with trailblazers Raising Films UK, the newly set up Raising Films Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen. Representing Raising Films Ireland, WFT Chair Dr. Susan Liddy was on a panel with Jessica Levick (Raising Films UK) and Nicola Lyons (Northern Ireland Screen). This panel discussion addressed the possibilities of job sharing in the film and television industries and looked at the research behind issues facing parents and carers who can’t commit to the long hours required.

Watch the talk in full here.


WANDA: Feminism & Moving Image was founded in 2016 by film programmer Rose Baker and artist and educator Dr Laura O’Connor. The impetus behind the festival was a desire to connect feminist film history and culture with the ongoing campaigns for both abortion rights and LGBTQ+ marriage rights in Northern Ireland, and the ongoing international migrant crisis. The festival was named WANDA after the 1970 Barbara Loden film in which she starred, wrote and directed, showing the myriad of roles women take up within the film industry. Naming the festival as a tribute also highlights an important part of the original mission to champion ‘lost’ or underappreciated archive feminist works by women. Read more about what they do here.