WFT Member-produced Documentary selected for the Sheffield Doc Fest 2024

WFT is delighted to announce the International Premiere of  Don’t Forget to Remember, produced by WFT member Louise Byrne, at Sheffield Doc Fest 2024. The film was made in collaboration with the artist Asbestos with funding from the Arts Council of Ireland through the renowned Reel Art Scheme.

Showroom – Screen 1 // 14-06-2024 – 18:00
The Light – Screen 9 // 16-06-2024 – 13:00

Don’t Forget to Remember had its World Premiere at the Dublin International Film Festival where it
won the Audience Choice Award and an Honourable Mention from the Festival Jury.


“An undeniably moving film and a celebration of a lifetime of love and experience that pushes the
boundaries of the documentary form with warmth across every frame”

“An extraordinary visual and sonic journey.”
“A celebration of life, memory, art and love”


There is an inherent understanding of the grieving process when a family loses a loved one, but what
if that person isn’t gone?
Don’t Forget to Remember is an artist’s exploration of the fragility of memory, and the lived
experience of his mother’s advancing Alzhiemer’s; yet it also celebrates a family’s life lived together.
In collaboration with the artist Asbestos, the film opens an honest conversation about the delicate
nature of memory. Through the artist’s process, we establish that even though Alzheimer’s brings
elements of disintegration and destruction, we can never truly lose a loved one if we hold on to our
collective memories.

Quote from Director, Ross Killeen: “It’s a privilege to be selected for Sheffield Doc Fest. It’s such a
prestigious festival and a great platform for us to showcase the film. We wanted to make a film that
would start conversations on a subject that is a difficult thing to talk about and we’re really excited to
bring it to a wider international audience at Sheffield”

Don’t Forget to Remember is a Motherland Production. Directed by Ross Killeen (Love Yourself
Today) in collaboration with the artist Asbestos. It was produced by WFT member Louise Byrne. Edited by Vincent
McEntee. Shot by Narayan Van Maele with Sound Design and Original Music by James Latimer. It is
the first documentary shot in Ireland to receive Green Film Certification.




Louise is a producer at Motherland, specialising in documentary-based content. She co-developed the film department with director Ross Killeen in 2016, producing successful short films  like 99 Problems and Call Me Mommy,  which have found success on the festival circuit. Love Yourself Today was her first feature film, and she is currently developing other features.