WFT Members Developing Short Film THE WEDDING

Fiona Rose Stout

Two of our members, Fiona Rose Stout and Emma Dargan-Reid are embarking on an exiting project – can you help?

“I want to tell an important story in a surprising way, drawing the audience in closer and closer until they’ve forgotten to breathe. That’s what I want to do.”

        – Fiona Rose Stout, Writer “The Wedding.”

“After trauma the world becomes sharply divided between those who know and those who don’t. People who have not shared the traumatic experience cannot be trusted, because they can’t understand it.”

-Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score

About the Wedding

A group of young Irish women have joined together to make The Wedding, a short film exploring key issues – isolation, abuse, bullying, and dissociation – that they and their peers have faced. They have a team, a script, a producer and a vision. Now they need the funding, with an aim to start shooting 2020.

They’ve set up a GoFundMe. It is a story worthy of support.

What’s The Wedding About?

The film will give voice to important issues; spark conversation and compassion; and shine a light on the way we listen to our friends, to what they do and do not say.

Lauren has friends, and family, and a life; she knows she does. But she can’t quite seem to reach them. Something’s happened, and she can’t quite say;  she keeps trying to push through, but the more she tries to move forward the more she gets stuck in the past.

The Wedding is about how hard it can be to find your voice, when everyone believes one truth and you know another. It’s about isolation, and connectivity; about what matters, and what holds us back. It is a story of resilience, of being loved and being lost.

Key issues

Isolation • Eating disorders • Depression • Dissociation • Abuse • PTSD • Re-integration

The Team

Fiona Stout – Writer/Co-Producer/Actor
Lucy Johnson – Actor
Aoife Fitzpatrick – Actor

Lucy Jones – Actor
Emma Dargan-Reid – Co-Producer/Actor

The team consists of women who have experienced one or more key issues in the film, directly or indirectly. In order to convey it with authenticity and respect, they need help. Funds will go towards equipment, cast, crew, accommodation, food, and transport. The aim is to create a well supported working environment and produce a film of industry standard.

“As female artists, we feel it’s our duty to use our voices to share this story, especially for those who might feel voiceless,” said producer Emma Reid. “ It is extremely challenging for female artists in any creative medium to source funding; but we all start from somewhere.”