WFT Vice Chair Jaro Waldeck’s Exhibition Swedish Landscapes in Signal Arts Centre

By 16 January 2023Listen, News & Events
Jaro Waldeck Exhibition

WFT Vice Chair Jaro Waldeck’s work will be showcased in Signal Arts Centre, Bray from 23rd January – 5th February.

Opening Reception: Sunday 29th January, 3 – 5pm

During the lockdown of 2020, as human activity came to a standstill, nature has had a chance to catch its breath, to heal and regenerate itself. The photographer Jaro Waldeck had spent several months isolating in the Swedish midlands, and on most days for several hours she would explore the landscapes at different times of day and night. What she came across was nature reclaiming its space, and showing us its power.

This collection of photographs represents the stillness the world came to, and the beauty we had quieted our minds enough to pay attention, contemplate and appreciate. The meditative properties of these compositions restore one’s inner balance.

WFT Vice Chair Jaro Waldeck is a cinematographer and photographer working in Ireland and abroad for over 15 years. She trained with world renowned artists at Columbia College Chicago and FAMU Prague. As an explorer of the human condition through her lens and camera, she is also a keen observer of natural and artificial light, and seeks to imprint its properties into the viewers’ memories.