WFT Chair Dr. Susan Liddy Launches ‘Women in the International Film Industry’

'Women in the International Film Industry'

Our chair at WFT, Dr. Susan Liddy will launch her latest book ‘Women in the International Film Industry’ at Carla 2020 this August.

About ‘Women in the International Film Industry’

This book is about the struggle for gender equality in film industries across seventeen countries. Little is known about contemporary activism outside of Hollywood and this collection aims to fill this crucial gap in our knowledge. Contributors from countries as diverse as Iceland, New Zealand and Ireland evaluate their respective industries by establishing the scale of gender inequality with reference to structural inequalities, discrimination, unconscious bias and gendered power relations. The collection addresses the extent to which gender equality is tackled, with a focus on female practitioners— screenwriters, directors, producers, cinematographers and editors. Significantly, it addresses the surge of recent activism in the aftermath of MeToo and Times Up and the variety of responses from funding bodies throughout the world. The book makes a valuable contribution to international debates. It offers academics, students, activists, policy makers, practitioners and film goers a comprehensive insight into the impact of gender equality demands across the globe and positions them within specific historical and cultural contexts. It also establishes a solid foundation for further research.

 Dr. Susan Liddy Background

Susan Liddy lectures in the Department of Media and Communication Studies, MIC, Limerick, Ireland. Her research interests relate primarily to gender issues in the film industry and the representation of older women on screen and behind the camera. She is chair of Women in Film and Television Ireland and chair of the Equality Action Committee (EAC) of the Writers Guild and Screen Directors Guild of Ireland. She is editor of Women in Irish Film: Stories and Storytellers (2020).

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